May 4, 2006

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India has lost a man who was one of the backbones of one of India’s Greatest Political Parties.Prominent Bharatiya Janta Party Leader Pramod Mahajan succumbed to death today at 4.10 in the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.He had been battling death for the past 12 days after being shot at point blank range by his younger brother Pravin Mahajan Himself. Politician or No, This man was and will be known for his Management Skills, he has brought BJP out of the worst cases of its life ….

Though, am not into politics, I have managed to get the following while watching a documentary on him today.
Pramod Mahajan was one of the few well educated Political Leaders in India. He was B.Sc. in (Physics), M.A. in (Political Science) and a B.A. in (Journalism)
Born in a railway guesthouse in Mehboob nagar in Andra pradesh on oct 30 1949, his family lived at the guest house since his father was a teacher in railways primary later on shifted to hyderabad then in a backward region of maharashtra but Pramod was determined to go places. An english teacher by profession, he joined politics and even went to the Nashik Jail during the emergency period.He bridged the gap between Industry and Politics in India.He has also served as the Union IT minister for India !
Check out this Chat he did with the common people and check out his reply.

The first satellite phone in this country was probably seen in the hands of Mahajan at the BJP convention in Goa in 1999. Few may have even heard of it at that time. It was an interesting sight to see Mahajan show the way the phone works to journalists when they sat on the lawns in Goa’s environs checking out the first satellite phone. Mahjan also made a recki call for them!

Along with his many skills, Mahajan was one Maharashtrian who’s Hindi was impeccable. Once he began speaking, people would think he was a North Indian.

A person who seems, to have worked with Late Mr. Mahajan, recalls once incidence, when they were walking for a some rally and he was just behind Mr. Mahajan, when Mr. Mahajan called him and said, Listen Mate, Donot walk behind me , for I donot want to lead you, Donot walk ahead of me, for I won’t bother to follow you, Walk with me, for together, we Have to change INDIA..

People reading this might be under the impression that I have hyped up the character of a man no longer with us, but the fact is, we never bother to know about the people leading India, their backgrounds or the work they do. It’s only after he is no more with us, have i understood that what has India lost.

I as an individual, pay homage to one of India’s Greatest Leaders who was educated enough to bring about a change which he did.
A person, who seems to have worked for India.A person, whom I feel sorry for he is No longer with us.

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